Frequently asked questions :

Why don't you include your prices on the website ?

Of course we do have a tariff mechanism.
But, most of the time, your requests are very specific: date, number of persons, place and setting, period, circumstances, gifts...
We are very involved in providing you the most memorable experience, in line with your expectations.
When you contact us by e-mail, we generally answer you within 24 hours.

Can I offer the Experience to anyone I want ?

Yes, of course !

Your reservation can easily be taken in the name of someone else.

When you purchase the Experience for one person or more, we edit a giftcard for free, so you can offer it to your guest(s) before the event.

At what point in time do I decide of the period of my Experience?

Different possibilities:

You can select your period (and even your costume) ahead of the shooting, by visiting the Vertugadins' closet. And even change your mind the day of the Experience :)

You can also make your choice during your Experience day, you will then be advised by our costume supervisor.

If you have specific wishes, you can even get your tailor-made costume (to be quoted ahead of the Experience day)

Am I allowed to come with my own costume?

For sure !
Then we will deduct the rent of the costume from your Experience fees.

Do I have to prepare myself before the Experience ?

There is nothing in particular to anticipate.
Concerning the hair-styling, we simply ask you to come with clean hair the day of the Experience.
About your skin: we will take care of your natural complexion and will use only bio and/or non-allergenic products.

How long does the Experience last?

We generally recommend to give us about 3 hours of your time for the whole Experience (incl. costume choice & fitting, hair styling & make up, setting & shooting)

Do you accept children ?

Of course, gladly !
We have lots of children (and even babies) costumes at your disposal. 
Furthermore, there are special rates for children & families, ask us about it !

Do you accept animals ?

Yes, absolutely !
We even welcomed 5 wolves for a shooting this year :)
We only ask you to ensure that your animals will accept the lights & flashes of a shooting set.

Am I allowed to come with someone for the shooting even if I am not on the picture ?

Yes, you are welcome.

Am I allowed to use my pictures for a magazine or a website ?

All your pictures can be used by you, only in a private setting. 
Otherwise (press, website...) we invite you to ask us our prior consent and we will define the conditions according to your needs.

Will you use my pictures for your own work or communication?

No! We will never use it, except if you give us your prior written consent.

 How many pictures will you take ?

Most of the time, during the Experience, we take between 30 and 50 pictures.

About 2 days after, we make them at your disposal on a private online gallery on our website, therefor you can select your favorite one. We sent it back to you for approval and then we print it for you.

All the pictures will be provided to you on a USB key, included in your Experience box. You can remove that box at our workshop or ask us to send it to you (see conditions).

Can you frame my picture ?

Yes, we can gladly do it for you, let us estimate it together.

Can you send it to me even if I live abroad ?

No problem !
We will estimate it according to the distance and packaging, and send it to you securely.

 By which deadlines will I receive my picture ?

Usually, 24 to 48 hours are required to open your private online gallery. Then we need 10 days after your selection to make some retouching and editing before your approval. Finally, we print it within 48 hours and here we are: your box is ready !