Our story

Un jour dans le temps – Paris, is the story of a self-evident encounter.

It is the story of two parallel paths finally converging in high complementarity,
for the best (of each): between Emilie Monchovet and Stéphane Casali, it is a love story…
around the costume, inevitably !

Since 1860, Emilie’s family has been working as lace-markers.
She became a costume designer and her passion turned to real size role-playing,
creating and making theater costumes in a tiny studio in Paris with her accomplice Guénic.

For his part, Stéphane used to work as a fashion photographer (Balmain, Laroche, Dior…)
and now shoots the theatre scene and… its costumes ! That is how Emilie and Stéphane
met each other: she was adjusting the costumes on the actors while he was there to take
pictures of the actors, once dressed…

Emilie developed her activity and created the workshop Les Vertugadins, which includes
a collection of more than 3000 costumes, from the various periods of history.
It is the closet of the french Haute Façon, made of precious materials with an excellent mastery.

Stéphane discovers Emily’s workshop and finds himself caught up in the game:
he realizes portraits of the Vertugadins costumes…

The role playing reveals the high quality of the costumes, the costumes make the light even more
sublime on the pictures. The strong personality of the workshop and the ‘superpowers’ of its members
manage to transfigure everything: leather, lace, dyes, silk and brocades…

With his sense of light treatment and historical processing, Stéphane allows the actors to travel through
time and give something of a painting to the picture… when you look at it, it is just like if you were in the Louvre !

One last thing to do: expand the experience to everybody… That is now done, thanks to the
studio “Un jour dans le temps” – Paris !

Everyone can now get his own portrait in period costume: this experience carries each of us beyond the time,
a journey made unforgettable thanks to the pictures !