Stéphane Casali - Photographer


From the French « photographie »
The etymology is “photo” (light) and grapho-y “to draw”, together meaning “drawing with light”.

The art of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces, such as a silver film (analog photography) or an array of electronic photodetectors (digital photography). Invention of photography.

I’ll let you guess what you could do with this nearly two hundred year old practice. As for me, I chose to dedicate myself to taking portraits, both in and out of a studio, by using a simple technique I’ve learned during my apprenticeship. An essential work around lighting soon arose as a priority. A photographer finds out more about what he is capable of every day, and the path is anything but a straight line.

The portraits I take draw their inspiration from painters rather than from the photographers of the 20th Century. I strive to study lighting as it was imagined by the great masters of all the art periods in the history of painting. The rest is up to you. Passion is nothing without inspiration. Therefore I chose you, so you can choose which side you will be on: inspiration or passion.


Stephane Casali discovered photography by working alongside fashion photographer Jacques Peg. After that, he worked for five years in the photo laboratory Janjac, where he learned to work with colours, as well as the filtering and reproduction techniques. Trained in the use of image processing software, he then followed another path and took up digital graphics.