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Welcome to a timeless experience! 
You enter the studio "One day in time" for an exceptional and unforgettable moment. 

Your photograph will be the living memory! 
You can now live your experience in period costume in 3 different formats, according to your desires:

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> The Experiences

Whatever the choice you will make, it is the period that will be at the heart of your Experience !

Choose the era, select the costume of your dreams, let us fit it and make you up, discover the set with lights and accessories, and let us make your pictures ! We will be there for you at each step and take special care to make your Experience an unforgettable moment ! …Are you ready ?

Follow us !

The place : The Experiences mainly take place at our Studio, but we can gladly move to the place of your choice (on quotation) : private mansion, castle, private residence and so on.

The program : During your visit, you will first have a look at the Vertugadins’ closet (3000 costumes). You will appreciate the variety and high quality of this unique french collection before your fitting.

This will be the prelude to your exceptional Experience.

Availability : We usually ask 2-3 hours of your time for the whole Experience (depending on the costume and setting).

Un Jour Dans Le Temps Manon 01 The Journey

> Your costume

After the fitting of your costume, it is time to perfect your character with the make up and hairstyling phase !

Now let us start with the shooting : setting, background, lights, accessories…

We will work together to find the right poses, the closest to the era of your costume, in order to obtain a great living painting.

You are about to live an original and unique moment !

Gab Bandeau Impromptu Com Web 2017 01

Here we go for the shooting: Light, background, decor, accessories ...

We will find together the poses closest to the period you have chosen to build a true "tableau vivant".

You will live an original and unforgettable moment!

Mg 7793 Panorama

> After the set

How to choose your picture.

A private online gallery will be at your disposal within a few days after the shooting. You will have to pick one of the pictures, that will be edited and printed, with your approval.

Un Jour Dans Le Temps Impromptu Alex 01 2 The Journey

> The « Period Costume Experience » box

Once your choice is made among the pictures of the online gallery, we will print it in 12x16 ‘’ format.

The whole content of the gallery will be collected on a USB key included in the box with your printed picture. This package is your souvenir of this Experience.

It will be at your disposal within 2 weeks after your final approval :

  • At our studio
  • To be delivred at the address of your choice (depending on the format)

We wish you an unforgettable « Period Costume Experience » with Un Jour Dans Le Temps !



« The Journey » is a periodic event, taking place generally on Sunday, once a month.

During these exceptional days, we welcome different participants to live unique experiences all along the day. Every « Experience » lasts about 3 hours and ends with a shooting, to offer you an unforgettable moment :

A choice among about 1000 costumes, selected in the Vertugadins’ closet.

Fitting, make-up and hairstyling, setting and shooting, editing and printing of the chosen picture.


  • Sunday 13th October 2019 
  • Sunday 17th november 2019 
  • Sunday 8th december 2019

Do you already have an idea of your favorite period for this Experience ? Or do you need us to help you ?

Contact and prices :

The Valentine Journey Web

THE PRIVATE PORTRAIT > Exclusive and unique 

If you are wishing to live your Experience at the date of your choice or as an intimate moment, this is your format : the whole Studio and its team will be at your entire and single disposal.  

Contact and prices :

THE GAME  > experience the extraordinary ... together ! 

Studio Un Jour Dans Le Temps Paris4

The Game is designed for enterprises, families and groups wishing to live the Experience together in a place dedicated to it (private mansion, hotel, castle, park, garden or any exceptional place).

Then the Experience will take place around a dinner, performance, show or any special theme.

Any combination you like : a tea-time with Marie-Antoinette, a roman banquet, a concert at Sissi’s court…

Contact and prices :


All the pictures produced during the Experience are for private use.

Please contact us before any commercial use.


If you want to book your Experience, or simply have any questions :

The Journey Familly Filon William 01
The Journey Marie 01
The Private Journey Kenneth 01
The Private Journey Minju Et Joey 01
The Journey Caroline 1900 01
The Journey Caroline K 1900 01
The Journey Christine 01
The Journey Nathalie 01
Impromptu Caroline 1880 Green 01
Impromptu Guillaume Natacha 01
The Journey The Cherriez Girlz 04
Virginie 01
Impromptus Gaetan Xviii 01
Impromptu Fouque Ensemble 01
Impromptu Fouque Portrait 02
Impromptu Fouque Portrait 03
Impromptus Carine Xviii 01
Mathilde 01
Chopin Karine Didier 01
Christianne 01b
Lucien 01
Un Jour Dans Le Temps Veronique 01 The Journey
Impromptu Emilie Benoit Xix 01
Impromptus Elodie Xviii 01