The journey

 The period costume Experience


“The Journey” is an experience in period costume that takes you on a journey through time.
Get dressed in period costume, have your hair and make-up done, smile… or not, and have your photo taken to keep an extraordinary memory of it, that you will never forget! 

"The Journey" dates !

Next dates :

  • 4th September (left 4)
  • 25th september (Full)
  • 23th October  (left 6)
  • 20th November (left 6)
  • 4th December  (left 6)

Do you already have an idea of when you would like to live your ''Experience in period costume''?

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The Experience

Whatever your choice is, the period you are going to go through will lead your Experience

Choosing the period and your dream costume, hair and make-up, lighting, setting, props, shooting: we take care of you at every stage and transform your dream into a photograph for eternity… Are you ready?

Come With Us !

The place: Experiences mainly take place in the Studio, but we will happily transport the studio for a picture in the place of your choice, be it castle, hotel, or private residence.

How it happens: When you arrive, you will first visit the Vertugadins studio with its 8000 costumes. You will enjoy the diversity and quality of the costumes you choose to wear, selected from this unique French collection.

This visit will serve as a prelude to your exceptional moment!

Availability: The Journey can take place between 9 am and 5 pm.

We usually ask you to set aside 2 to 3 hours (depending on the costume chosen) to make the most of your Experience: choice of the costume, alterations, hair and make-up, lighting, photo shoot.


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Your costume

Once your chosen costume has been fitted and altered, it is time to refine the silhouette you have just chosen.
Hair dressing and make-up complete your metamorphosis! The stage is set for the shoot: lighting, background, scenery, props…
Together, we find the poses which are closest to the period you choose, in order to put together a true living picture. You are going to have an original and unforgettable moment!

The Studio Photo Shoot

Once the lighting is set up, we take a solo portrait of each participant and, if you come as a group, a group photograph. 

40 to 60 pictures are taken of each participant. All you have to do is to choose your photo carefully… It is often a difficult choice.

You’ll get all the photos taken during your Experience in your casket, on a memory stick.


The casket

Once your choice made online, in a private gallery, your 30 x 40 cm (11,8 x 15,7 in) photograph will be printed on Fine Art paper.

The whole set of HD pictures of your Experience will be provided to you on a memory stick.

The printed photograph and the memory stick will have their place in the casket entitled “The period costume Experience”.

Within the following two weeks the casket will be:

- available at the studio

- or sent to your chosen address (according to the package chosen)

We wish you an unforgettable “period costume Experience” with Un jour dans le temps!

Un jour dans le temps has its own studio : The Atelier d’en Face studio

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We can provide you with a gift voucher or send it to a specific address for the person of your choice. We will write your message on the voucher the person receives.

THE PRIVATE PORTRAIT – Unique and exclusive


Would you like to have your Experience on the date of your choice or in complete privacy? 

In that case, the team and the studio will be entirely dedicated to your Experience.

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All the photos taken during Experiences may be used in a private context.
For commercial use of your photos, please contact us. 


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