The Journey is ...

> On a fixed date in our studio
> Choose a date from our list *
> Choose 1 costume in the studio
> Have your hair and make-up done
> A photo session (40 to 60 photos)
> Choose two photos from your web gallery
> Retouching of your photos (web gallery)
> Provision of a link to retrieve your portraits in high definition


> Production of a box containing :
your 30x40 cm fine-art prints
your USB key with your photos

* Next dates:

Sunday November 19, 2023 (2 seats)

Sunday December 17, 2023 (5 seats)

Sunday January 21, 2024 (8 seats)

Sunday 18 February 2024 (8 seats)

Sunday March 17, 2024 (8 seats)

You will be able to choose your date once your reservation has been made and validated.



    The Journey Ephémère is ...

    > On a fixed date in a location outside the studio
    > Historical period defined in advance
    > Choose 1 costume on the spot
    > Have your hair and makeup done
    > A photo session (20 and 30 photos)
    > Choose a photo (on the spot)
    > You leave with your USB key containing a retouched photo and all the photos of the day.


    > Production of a box containing :
    your 30x40 cm fine-art prints
    your USB key with your photos

    Next dates:

    No Ephemeral events are scheduled at this time. Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

    Instagram : studio_unjourdansletemps
    Facebook : Un jour dans le temps

    ** The box contains a 30x40 cm fine-art photo print and a USB key containing all the photos of your experience in jpeg format in printable quality. It can be picked up at our workshop or sent by carrier if you cannot come and pick it up (transportation costs not included in the price of The Journey and The Private Journey)

    Photo retouching for your print and preparation of the box are done within three weeks of your image selection.

    For more information about The Journey, please contact us by email.

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    The journey is a period costume experience that will take you back in time.
    Wear a costume, get your hair and makeup done, smile... or not, and have your picture taken for an extraordinary memory you'll never forget! 


    The Experience

    Whatever your choice, it is the era you are going to live through that will drive your Experience:

    Choice of the era and costume of your dreams, hair/makeup, lighting, decor, accessories, shooting: We accompany you with care for each step and we transform your dream into an eternal photograph.... Are you ready?

    Follow us!

    The location: Most of the Experiences take place at the Studio, but we are happy to transport the studio for a photo in the location of your choice: castle, hotel, private residence.

    The course: During your visit, you will first visit the Vertugadins workshop and its 8000 costumes. This unique French collection will allow you to appreciate the diversity and quality of the costumes you will choose to wear.

    This visit will be the prelude to your exceptional moment!

    Availability: The journey can take place between 9am and 5pm.

    Usually, we ask for an availability of about 2 to 3 hours (depending on the costume chosen) to live the Experience: Choice of costume, fitting, hair/makeup, lighting, shooting.


    Your costume

    After trying on and fitting your period costume, it's time to perfect the silhouette you've just chosen.
    Hair and make-up complete your metamorphosis! Let's go for the shooting: Light, background, decor, accessories ...
    Together we will find the poses closest to the era you have chosen to build a real living picture. You will live an original and unforgettable moment!

    The photo session at the studio

    Once the light is set up, we take a solo portrait per participant and, when you are in a group, a group photo.

    From 40 to 60 photos are taken per participant. All you have to do is choose your photo, the choice is often difficult.

    You will get back all the photos taken during your experience in your box on a usb key.


    The retouched portrait

    Once you've made your choice online in a private gallery, your photo will be retouched.

    All the HD images of your experience will be transferred to you over the Internet.

    We offer a Boxed Set option in which you'll find a printed photo of your retouched photo and a USB key containing all the photos from your experience.


    Within two weeks, the boxed set will be :

    - at your disposal at the studio

    - or delivered to the address of your choice (depending on the package chosen).

    We wish you an unforgettable "Period Costume Experience" with A Day in the Life of Time!

    Un jour dans le temps has its own studio: Atelier d'en Face Studio.

    Offer a gift voucher

    to your friends and family!


    We can provide you with or send to a specific address, a gift certificate for the person of your choice. You will be able to tell us the message you wish to transmit to the person of your choice, it will be written on the gift voucher that he will receive.


    All the photos taken during the Experiences are usable in a private context.
    For a commercial use of your photos, please contact us.