Your frequently asked questions:

Health conditions related to COVID 19?

Yes, it's not very pleasing, but let's talk about it!

Since the outbreak of the virus, we have put in place several rules that allow us to welcome you in optimal conditions to avoid any risk. We have expanded our reception area to separate the groups of people arriving on "The Journey" experience.

You will be welcomed in the Vertugadins' costume workshop, then after having enjoyed your tea and cakes, you will be able to go to the fitting. The next step will be in the photo studio located just outside the workshop.

We have hydroalcoholic gel masks available if you don't have any with you.

Why don’t you show the fees on the website?

We naturally have a pricing framework;
however, very often, your wishes are very specific: date, number of people, place, period, circumstances, gift…
We are committed to making you the fairest offer possible in line with your expectations, in order to provide you with the best Experience possible. 

When you contact us via e-mail, we generally answer within 24 hours.

Can I offer the Experience to a person of my choice?

Yes, of course!
You can make a booking for one person or several;
when you give the Experience as a gift, we draw up a complimentary personalized voucher you can give to your guest(s) before the event.

When can I chose the period for my Experience?

You can choose your period before your shoot.

To help you to choose and for a glimpse of the Atelier des Vertugadins wardrobe, we suggest you visit our founding partner’s website,

You can select the period and costume of your choice on the day of your Experience; our costume supervisor will be there to help you with your choice. 
If you have a particular wish, you can have your costume made to your measurements (quotation supplied upon request).

Can I select my costume before the Experience?

For “The Journey”, the whole wardrobe of the Atelier des Vertugadins will be at your disposal on the day of your visit. You will thus select your costume that same day.

If you wish to choose your costume in advance, you should favor the “Private Journey” option. It allows you to book the costume of your choice for an Experience on your chosen date.

Can I come with my own costume?

Of course, with pleasure! Please tell us when booking your Experience so that we know which period you want your “Journey” to take place in.

How should I prepare for my Experience?

You have nothing specific to do.
For your hair: all we ask is that you come with your hair washed the same day or the day before.
For your skin: we will respect your natural carnation and use only professional, non-allergenic and/or organic products.

How much time do I need to set aside for an Experience?

We generally ask for a 2- to 3-hour period of availability for the whole Experience: choosing the costume, fitting, hairdressing and make-up, setting, lighting and shooting.

Do you accept children?

Yes, of course, gladly!
We have numerous costumes for babies and children of all ages. 

Can I come with an animal?

Yes, absolutely!
This year, we welcomed five wolves for a photo shoot. 
We will just ask you to ensure that your animals will not be bothered by the lights and flashes on a photo set. 

Can I come with someone for their Experience even if I am not in the picture?

Yes, you are most welcome!

Can I use the pictures in a magazine or on a website?

All the pictures taken during your Experience can be used as much as you like in a private context.
For press or commercial use, we invite you to make a prior request.
We will then draw up an estimate according to your needs. 

Do you use my photos for your own purposes?

Your photos may be displayed on our website to show what we do.
You can ask us not to put them online, in which case we will not do so. 
For any other particular use, we will contact you to discuss it with you, and what you say will be our priority guideline. 

How many pictures will you take?

During your Experience, we generally take between 40 and 60 photos.
In the days following your photo shoot, we will make your photos available to you in a private online gallery, and you will be able to select your preferred photo. It will be retouched, sent to you for validation and printed with your consent. 
All the unretouched High Definition photos are delivered on a memory stick with your casket. 
Your casket will be at your disposal at the studio or sent to your chosen address (ask for an estimate). 

Can you frame my picture?

Yes, gladly: do not hesitate to ask for an estimate.

Can you send my picture abroad?

Yes, no problem!
We can draw up an estimate for the safe packaging and sending of your photo, depending on the distance. 

How long does it take to receive my photo?

One or two days are usually enough for us to open your private online gallery.
Upon receipt of your choice, we ask you for a maximum of 20 days to do the retouching and send you an image for validation. 

Your Experience casket, containing your photo and the memory stick with all the HD photos of your shoot, is then available.